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        2nd Annual Euro Value Investor Conference


      by Robert Miles



      Date: Monday, 27 Oct 2008

        Location: Frankfurt (Note: Conference will be in English)



        Limited to the first 50 registered attendees



      Warren Buffett expert Robert Miles invites to his 2nd European Value Investor Conference.


        Speakers and Topics:


      ·  Robert Miles, Author & Conference Organizer & Host [USA]

        "The Warren Buffett Manager: Making Investments In The Right Partner"


     ·  Hendrik Leber, Managing Director, ACATIS [EUR]

           "How to Value a Business"



      ·  Patrick Dorsey, Author & Director of Equity Research, Morningstar [USA]

        "Using Economic Moats to Improve Investment Returns"



      ·  Alexis Eisenhofer, Founder & Director ATACAMA Capital [EUR]

        "Criteria for Selecting Stocks With Substance: Consider the Value Premium and Value Timing"



      ·  Max Otte, Author & Professor & Director of Zentrum für Value Investing [EUR]

         "The Fallacy of Growth and How to Test for Franchises"


      ·  Glen Arnold, Author & Professor [EUR]

         "Valuegrowth Investing: How to Become a Disciplined Investor"


      ·  David Pastel, Founder & CIO, Pastel & Associés [EUR]

         "Margins of Safety: The Concept with Thousand Faces. How We, at Pastek & Associés, Apply This

         Powerful Tool in Today's Public Markets"



      ·  Robert Vinall, Founder & Director, RV Capital [EUR]





     More info and registration: http://warrenbuffett.co.za/euro_vic_2008/


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